So that’s it then, the season is over and Real Madrid are champions. Did the referees have any influence on the title race though in this last week? Well maybe, if the appeal committee rulings are anything to go by! Madrid played their game in hand at Celta on Wednesday, and the match turned in their favour early on in the second half when Iago Aspas was given a second yellow card for what Martínez Munuera considered to be a dive following a challenge by Sergio Ramos in the area. The disciplinary committee cancelled the card though, and although they took great pains to state that it didn’t necessarily follow that a penalty should have been given, one assumes that this might have been the case! Zidane’s side were two up at the time and went on to win 1-4, but the result may have been different had Martínez ruled the other way?

So to Sunday’s final games, and something similar (but the other way round, if you get our meaning) happened in the match between Barcelona and Eibar in the Nou Camp. Barça had just fought back to 2-2 when Neymar went down in the area under a challenge from Capa, Hernández Hernández immediately pointing to the spot and giving the full back a second booking and ergo a red card. Again though that yellow card was cancelled on appeal, which suggests that Neymar dived, and it should not have been a spot kick. However, although the Catalans went on to win, it was all in vain as Real Madrid won as well at Málaga to stay three points ahead of them in the table. Now should De Burgos Bengoetxea have ruled out Benzema’s goal there as the ball came off Varane in an offside position? We will never know, and did it really change things in the end? Probably not, but at least it gives us all something to talk about. Maybe next year or the year after La Liga will bring in the video assisted system, and we will all be out of a job!

Congratulations by the way to Gil Manzano, who takes our “White Stick” award this season. That is unless cup final referee Clos Gómez can produce 57 cards in next weekend’s cup final, which even in Spain is unlikely! Clos himself will be leaving us after that as he has reached the statutory retirement age for referees. We wish him all the best for the future! (24.05.17)

PS. Eight yellow cards by last season’s “White Stick” award winner Clos Gómez in the cup final, which at least takes him in to our season-end chart. He hands over his crown to Gil Manzano however and, as mentioned previously, will now be taking a well-earned retirement. Curiously though, had he born a day later he would have been able to carry on for another year, as he reaches the age of 45 on 30th June, just before the cut-off date. (27.05.17)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Gil Manzano 25 168 10 178
Estrada Fernández 22 139 12 151
Martínez Munuera 25 138 6 144
Iglesias Villanueva 23 136 4 140
Jaime Latre 23 130 6 136
Fernández Borbolán 23 125 7 132
Del Cerro Grande 20 120 11 131
Clos Gómez 23 124 6 130
González González 28 124 6 130
Alvarez Izquierdo 21 124 5 129

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