Football finance - Takeovers - Bankruptcies - Boardroom struggles - Sponsorship deals
British-Qatari leisure group Skyline are the new majority shareholders of Elche! Bidding against a local investor COINSA, Skyline were adjudicated a 14 Mio convertible loan which the Valencia Institute of Finances had given the club to bail them out last season. The loan will convert in October to a 54.73% holding, and the group are promising to put in another 25 million to try and get the team back in to the first division. (05.08.16)
Financial fair-play rules seem to be working in Spain. At the end of the 2010/11 season, claims by players against clubs amounted to almost 90 million, with some 341 claims. This year the LFP reported only six claims totalling 190,000, and even some of those are questionable. Hard work, but it seems it was worth it! (17.07.16)