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Friendly Fixtures

Although clubs have a busy calendar once the league and other competitions commence, there will be several friendly matches whenever time allows. We set out below details of those games which have come to our attention. Please bear in mind that all dates are provisional and are subject to change at short notice. Matches already played in red, games pending in blue, changes since our last update in bold. For last summer's pre-season games see separate section. (26.12.09)

4 Sep Carlos Lapetra trophy
Zaragoza ended pre-season with Carlos Lapetra trophy at home to Lazio after new season has started. The Italian side won 0-2 with goals from Foggia (Pen) and Zárate.
Early Sep Catalonia Cup
Playing this tournament again in the summer. Regional division sides play two rounds in May/June, and then continue from mid August.
Quarter finals: Gramanet 3 - Nàstic 1; L'Hospitalet 2 - Girona 1.
Barcelona and Espanyol enter at the semi-final stage against Gramanet and L'Hospitalet (ties to be decided).
Early Sep Sundry matches
A few friendly matches were played during the first international break.
02/09: Guadalajara 2 - Getafe 3 (Pedro León 2, Casquero);
02/09: River Sestao 1 - Athletic Bilbao 4 (San José, Ion Vélez, Gabilondo, Etxeberría);
04/09: Girondins Bordeaux 0 - Osasuna 0;
05/09: Valdáliga 0 - Racing 7 (Moral 2, Lacen, Docal 2, Crespo, Morris)
08/09: Antequera 1 - Málaga 0;
08/09: Palencia 0 - Valladolid 5 (Diego cosata 2, Bueno 2, Canobbio);
09/09: Haro Deportivo 0 - Athletic Bilbao 3 (Etxeberría 3)
Mid Oct Sundry matches
More friendly matches during the second international break.
08/10: Utrera 1 - Sevilla 2 (Carreño, Romaric);
08/10: Osasuna 2 - Mirandés 1 (Medina, Rúper):
08/10: Ávila 1 - Getafe 3 (Manu, Kepa, Albín);
08/10: Algeciras 1 - Xerez 1 (Michel pen).
21 Dec Kasma Sporting 1 - Barcelona 1
The new World Champions stayed in the Middle East for a couple more days to play a lucrative friendly game in Kuwait (although virtually all the big name stars were either in Zurich for the FIFA World Player prizes, or back in Barcelona preparing for Catalunya's game against Argentina). The match was drawn, Bojan scoring for Barça before Abdullah al Dafiri equalised in injury time.
22 Dec Champions for Africa
Charity match in Real Madrid's Santiago Bernabeu stadium between teams headed up by Kanouté and Sergio Ramos to raise funds for African children in need. Many star names were present.
Selección Liga 9 (F Llorente, Luque, Soldado, Cristian F, Antoñito, Calleja, Callejón, Momo, Negredo) - Africa United 8 (Benachour, Koné, Romaric, Al Jabar 2, Manucho, Songo'o, Kome)
End Dec Regional matches
The usual round of regional matches should take place this winter, with teams from the autonomous regions taking on international opposition. Catalunya beat Argentina 4-2 in the Nou Camp on 22nd December (Sergio García, Bojan, Sergio (Pen), Hurtado / Pastore, Di Maria). Details of other fixture (if any) will be published here once known. The Basque team will not be playing this year though as the players and officals could not agree on the name the side would play under.
Early Jan 2009 Maspalomas trophy
Winter trophy, which takes place each year in the Canary Isles. Details yet to be released.

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