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European Champions League - Semi-finals

Barcelona and Real Madrid both made it through comfortably to the semi-finals, where they will meet just days after facing each other in La Liga and in the Spanish cup final. The first leg takes place in the Bernabeu stadium, with Spain at least assured of one team in the Champions League final, which this year takes place at London's Wembley stadium. (14.04.11)

Semi finals, first leg
26 Apr Schalke '04
0-2 Manchester Utd
Giggs, Rooney
27 Apr Real Madrid
0-2 Barcelona
Messi (2)

Second leg results were as follows (teams qualifying in bold):

Semi finals, first leg
3 May Barcelona
1-1 Real Madrid
4 May Manchester Utd
Valencia, Gibson, Anderson (2)
4-1 Schalke '04