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International Matches - Under 17

Friendly internationals

Spain's new under 17 squad played a couple of warm up games against the USA prior to their European qualifiers next month. Gines Meléndez's side won both matches, the first thanks to a late goal from Real Sociedad's Iker Hernández, and the second after strikes from Real Madrid's De Tomás and Barcelona's Deulofeu cancelled out an early penalty. (16.09.10)

Spain 1 - USA 0

Spain: Alfonso Herrero, Roy, Garrido, Iván Sáez, Caballo, Melero, Herrera, Juanjo Serrano, Iker Hernández, Miguel Díaz, Federico Vico. Also played: Portuondo, Vadillo, Miravent, Yeray El Aras, Quesada, Manquillo.
USA: Fernando Pina, Andrew Souders, Danny Zaid, Nathan Smith, Joe Amon, Alessandro Mion, Kellen Gulley, Esteban Rodríguez, Mario Rodríguez, Matt Dunn, Marc Pelosi. Also played: Mobi Fehr, Alejandro Guido, Andrew Oliver, Kellyn Acosta, Cole Nagy, Tarik Salkicic, Kendall Mcintosh, Dillon Serna, Nico Melo.

Goals: 1-0. 69. Iker Hernández.

Spain 2 - USA 1

Spain: David Gil, Manquillo, Garrido (Ivan Sáez 74'), Luque, Salva Ruiz, Quesada (Iker Hernández 78'), Gerard Deulofeu, Juanjo Serrano (Vadillo 41'), Raúl de Tomás (Yeray El Aras 74'), Saúl Ñíguez (Melero 62'), Cámara (Miguel Díaz 52'). USA: Kendall Mcintosh, Abdrew Souders, Cole Nagy (Kellen Gulley, min.41), Kellyn Acosta, Joe Amon (Tarik Salkicic, min 30), Mobi Fehr, Andrew Oliver (Danny Zaid, min. 41), Esteban Rodríguez (Alejandro Guido, min.64), Mario Rodríguez, Matt Dunn (Nico Melo 64') Marc Pelosi.

Goals: 0-1. 07. Esteban Rodríguez (penalty); 1-1. 15. Raúl de Tomás; 2-1. 19. Deulofeu.

Spain squad

Keepers: David Gil (Atlético Madrid), Alfonso Herrero (Real Madrid);
Defenders: Javier Manquillo (Atlético Madrid), Iván Sáez (Real Madrid), Diego Caballo (Real Madrid), David Portuondo (Real Madrid), Antonio Luque (Sevilla), Carlos Garrido (Sevilla), Salvador Ruíz (Valencia), Alejandro Roy (Zaragoza);
Midfielders: Juanjo Serrano (Aston Villa), Fernando Quesada (Barcelona), Cristian Herrera (Barcelona), Alvaro Vadillo (Betis), Albert Miravent (Espanyol), Miguel Díaz (Osasuna), Gonzalo Melero (Real Madrid), Iker Hernández (Real Sociedad), Juan del Carmen Cámara (Villarreal);
Forwards: Yeray El Aras (Atlético Madrid), Saúl Ñíguez (Atlético Madrid), Gerard Deulofeu (Barcelona), Federico Vico (Córdoba), Raúl de Tomás (Real Madrid).