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International Matches - Under 18

Copa del Atlantico

Spain's under 18 side won the XXXVII invitation Atlantic Cup in Las Palmas after winning two of their three matches. Julen Lopetegui's team started with a 4-0 victory over Switzerland, with two goals each for Valencia's Paco and Málaga's Juanmi. In the second match they beat hosts Canary Islands 1-4, with Real Madrid's Jesé opening the scoring and Paco coming on at half time to help himself to a hat-trick. That was enough to take the trophy, even though they lost the last game 1-2 to Mexico, Jairo's late strike not enough to overturn two earlier goals. (04.02.11)

Spain 1 - Mexico 2

Spain: Adrián Ortolá; Edu Campadabal (Derik 50'), Víctor Alvarez, Jonás, Isra; José Gómez, Sergi (Jairo 46'), Juanmi, Suso, Borja (Jesé 46'), Paco (Íñigo 64').
Mexico: Cárdenas; Fuentes, Sebastián García, Adachi, Rizo, Zamorano, Neri, Corona, Zuñiga (Madrigal 69'), Bernardo Hernández, Ortiz (López 85').

Goals: 0-1. 36. Fuentes; 0-2. 46. Zuñiga; 1-2. 78. Jairo.

Canary Islands 1 - Spain 4

Canary Isles: Fermín; Miguel, Verdes, Dominique, Eric, Deivis, Matías (Jorge 79'), Omar (Claudio 67'), Jefte (Francisco 76'), Pedro, Jairo (José 60').
Spain: Urtzi; Edu Campadabal, Derik, Francisco, Isra (Jonás 60'); Mascarell, Iñigo, Borja (José Gómez 53'), Suso (Juanmi 46'), Jesé, Jairo (Paco Alcácer 46').

Goals: 0-1. 13. Jesé; 0-2. 56. Alcácer; 1-2. 67. Matías; 1-3. 69 Alcácer; 1-4. 79. Alcácer.

Spain 4 - Switzerland 0

Spain: Adrián Ortolá; Edu Campadabal (Derik Osede 50'), Víctor Álvarez, Jonás Ramalho, Isra; José Gómez, Sergi Darder (Iñigo Ruiz 55'), Juanmi Jiménez, Suso (Borja Galán 65'), Jesé, Paco Alcácer (Jairo 65').
Switzerland: Frick, Widmer, Zangger, Burki (Zarkovic 46'), Arjeti, Martinelli (Zwimpfer 46'), Kleiber (Malbassic 58'), Geissmann, Vuleta (Begdezic 72'), Frei, Dessarzin.

Goals: 1-0. 09. Alcácer; 2-0. 29. Juanmi; 3-0. 48. Alcácer; 4-0. 88. Juanmi.

Full squad:
Urtzi (Athletic Bilbao), Adrián Ortolá (Villarreal);
Defenders: Jonás Ramalho (Athletic Bilbao), Edu Campabadal (Barcelona), Víctor (Espanyol), Derik Osede, Francisco García (Real Madrid), Isra (Sevilla);
Midfielders: Iñigo Ruíz (Athletic Bilbao), Sergi Darder (Espanyol), Juanmi Jiménez (Málaga), Mascarell (Real Madrid), José Gómez (Sevilla);
Forwards: Borja Galán (Atlético Madrid), Suso (Liverpool), Jesé (Real Madrid), Jairo (Sevilla), Paco Alcácer (Valencia).