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International Matches - Under 19

Under 19 international tournament

Spain finished second behind hosts Portugal in this friendly under 19 tournament in Porto. Luis Milla's side opened with a 1-1 draw against the hosts, Valencia's Paco Alcácer equalising after Luis Gustavo had given the home team an early lead. The youngsters lost the second game 0-1 to France, but they recovered to beat Russia in the last match, with Arsenal's Ignasi Miquel getting the first early on and Sevilla's Luis Alberto adding a penalty three minutes later. Málaga's Juanmi wrapped things up near the end before the East Europeans pulled one back from a second penalty. The matches served as preparation for next month's European Elite round qualifiers which take place in Switzerland. (22.04.11)

Portugal 1 - Spain 1

Portugal: Amorim; Josué, André Dias, Taira, Fábio Nunes, Rúben Pinto, Filipe Barros, Luis Ribeiro, Ricardo Esgaio, Paulo Oliveira, Luis Gustavo.
Spain: Edgar Badia; Muniesa, Sergi Gómez, Ramalho, Saborit; Rafinha, Rubén Pardo, Pedro Mba, Pablo Sarabia; Luis Romero, Morata. 4-4-2.

Goals: 1-0. 20. Luis Gustavo; 1-1. 68. Alcácer.

Spain 0 - France 1

Spain: Pacheco; Carvajal, Ignasi Miquel, Sergi Gómez, Víctor Álvarez; Sergio Álvarez, Pedro Mba, Rubén Gutiérrez, Juan Muñiz; Juanmi, Alcácer. 4-4-2.
France: Boucher, Appiah, Haidara, Diarra, Rose, Belfodil, Landre, Poundje, Mulumba, Situ, Khamgain.

Goals: 0-1. 43. Lindsay Rose.

Spain 3 - Russia 1

Spain: Edgar Badía (Pacheco 46'); Carvajal, Ignasi Miquel, Ramalho, Saborit; Perico Mba, Rubén Pardo (Sergio Álvarez 60'); Luis Alberto (Deulofeu 46'), Rafinha (Muñiz 72'), Sarabia; Alcàcer (Juanmi 72'). 4-2-3-1.
Russia: Filippov; Zverev, Bryzgalov, Samokhvalov, Nikitinsky; Yeremeyev, Kayumov (Chernov 46'), Khrushchev (Mitrišev 46'), Tyukalov, Kuzmichev; Baskaev. 4-5-1.

Goals: 1-0. 12. Ignasi Miquel; 2-0. 15. Luis Alberto (pen); 3-0. 82. Juanmi; 3-1. 85. Mitrišev (pen).

Full squad:
Edgar Badía (Espanyol), Pacheco (Real Madrid);
Defenders: Ramalho and Saborit (Athletic Bilbao), Ignasi Miquel (Arsenal), Muniesa and Sergi Gómez (Barcelona), Víctor Alvarez (Espanyol), Carvajal (Real Madrid);
Midfielders: Rafinha (Barcelona), Sarabia (Real Madrid), Rubén Pardo (Real Sociedad), Pedro Mba (Sampdoria), Muñiz and Sergio Álvarez (Sporting Gijón);
Forwards: Deulofeu (Barcelona), Juanmi (Málaga), Morata (Real Madrid), Luis Alberto (Sevilla), Alcàcer (Valencia).