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International Matches - Under 18

XXXIX Atlantic Cup invitation tournament

Gran Canaria. Spain won the under 18 invitation Atlantic Cup for the seventh time in a row after taking seven points from their three games. The youngsters could only draw against Mexico in their first match, a first half strike from Atlético's Iván Calero cancelled out by a goal from Pineda late on. However a penalty by Barcelona's Sandro gave them a 0-1 victory against hosts Canary Islands in the second game, and they ended with a 2-1 win over Portugal,second half goals by Celta's Mina and by Sandro enough to ensure top spot once again. (01.02.13)

Spain 2 - Portugal 1

Spain: Cantero; César, Sánchez, Saez, Gayá; Samper, Borja Martinez (Oscar Gil 69'); Calero (Mina 57'), Serrano, Bustos (Rubén 28'); Sandro (Unai 88'). 4-2-3-1.
Portugal: Tiago Sa, Joao Nunes, Tavares, Graca (Belinha, m. 63), Ivo Rodriguez (Gelson, m. 85), Francisco Ramos, André Silva, Cristian (Nuno Santos, m. 73), Ribeiro, Alfaiate y Helinho (Filipe Nascimiento, m. 63).

Goals: 1-0. 62. Mina; 2-0. 73. Sandro; 2-1. 80. Do Nascimiento.

Spain won the competition yet again after a 2-1 win over Portugal in the last match of the tournament. All the goals came in the second half, with Celta's Mina and Barcelona's Sandro putting Spain ahead before Filipe Nascimiento got one back late on.

Canary Isles 0 - Spain 1

Canary Isles: Pedro Ramirez, Carlos Ramírez, Omiliani, Saenz de Miera, Serbourdin, Francisco José Nuñez, Gopar (Ferrera 79'), Héctor Hernández, Benito Ramírez (Daniel Martínez 85'), Nori (Isaic 57') y Benjamín Nuñez (Alejandro Cruz 68').
Spain: Alejandro Remiro; Vidal (Sánchez 80'), Julio César, Samper, Unai López (Serrano 53'); Duarte, Cotán (Borja 72'); Bustos, Mina, Oscar Gil; Sandro (Gayá 65'). 4-2-3-1.

Goals: 0-1. 56. Sandro (Pen).

Spain moved to the top of the table after a narrow win against the Canary Islands in their second game. Benito and Sandro went close at either end in the first half, but ten minutes after the restart Sandro (himself Canary Island born) converted a penalty after he was brought down by Jorge. Any hope the hosts had of a comeback ended when Héctor was sent off midway through the second half.

Spain 1 - Mexico 1

Spain: Ander Cantero; Ignacio Vidal, Jaime Sánchez, Iván Sáez, Gayá; Borja Martínez (Cotán 80'), Sergi Samper; Iván Calero, Alejandro Serrano, Álvaro Bustos (Rubén Duarte 58'); Sandro Ramírez (Mina 71'). 4-2-3-1.
México: González, Portilla, Armando González, Jaquez, Guerrero, Florez, Lozano (Avalos 46'), Gutiérrez (Sergio Rodríguez 56'), Ríos, Sandoval (Pineda 56'), Almeida (Russell 74').

Goals: 1-0. 35. Iván Calero; 1-1. 85. Pineda.

Spain started this year's competition with a 1-1 draw against Mexico in Maspalomas. Sandro hit the bar before Iván Calero put the youngsters ahead, his long shot passing under keeper González. Sandro could have increased the lead after the break, but with five minutes to go Pineda saved a draw for the Mexicans.


Keepers: Alejandro Remiro (Athletic Bilbao), Ander Cantero (Osasuna);
Defenders: Unai López (Athletic Bilbao), Iván Sáez and Jaime Sánchez (Real Madrid), Julio César Rodríguez (Sporting Gijón), José Luis Gayá and Ignacio Vidal (Valencia);
Midfielders: Oscar Gil (Athletic Bilbao), Borja Martínez (Atlético Madrid), Sergi Samper (Barcelona), Rubén Duarte (Espanyol), Cotán (Sevilla);
Forwards: Iván Calero (Atlético Madrid), Sandro Ramírez (Barcelona), Santiago Mina (Celta), Alejandro Serrano and Álvaro Bustos (Sporting Gijón).