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International Matches - Under 18

XL Atlantic Cup invitation tournament

Gran Canaria. Spain’s seven year reign as winners of the annual Atlantic Cup came to an end when they were ousted by Argentina. Both sides had won their first two games against USA and hosts Canary Isles, but with Argentina scoring a goal more, the side managed jointly by Julen Lopetegui and Santi Denía had to win the last match. However they only managed a 1-1 draw against the South Americans, and had to make do with second place. (07.02.14)

Spain 1 - Argentina 1

Spain: Carlos Morales; Quintilla (Marín 75’), Pleguezuelo, Rodrigo Tarín, Jorge Mere; Madger (Vilariño 67’), Villalibre, Curro Sánchez; Jurgui (Roberto 62’), José Ángel Pozo, Yelko Pino (Abeledo 75’).
Argentina: José Devecchi, Thiago Casasola, Enrique Sánchez, Nicolás Tripichio, Juan Cruz Kaprof, Pablo Carreras, Rodrigo Contreras, Tomás Martínez, Lucas Bareiro, Germán Ferreyra, Luis Compagnucci.

Goals: 1-0. 30 Curro Sánchez; 1-1. 61. Matías Sánchez.

Spain finished runners-up in this year’s edition of the tournament after they could only draw 1-1 against Argentina in the third and final match. With goal average against them, the youngsters needed to win to finish top of the table, and Sevilla’s Curro Sánchez gave them a first half lead. Pozo missed a penalty though, and Matías Sánchez made it all square in the second half.

Canary Isles 0 - Spain 3

Canary Isles: Santana, Osorio, Vázquez Velázquez, Sanz, Soto Rodríguez; Hernández, Cruz Espinosa, Rincón Pérez, Ravelo, Rocha Pérez, Daillo Thiao.
Spain: Antonio Sivera; Antonio Marín (Rodrigo 46’), Pleguezuelo, Quintilla, Adrián Marín (Jorge Mere 70’); Madger, Abeledo, Villalibre (Yelko Pino 65’), Curro Sánchez (Pozo 55’), Vilariño (Joaquín Fernández 70’); Jurgi (Roberto Nuñez 65’).

Goals: 0-1. 01. Abaledo; 0-2. 72. Yelko Pino; 0-3. 84. Osorio (own goal).

Spain beat hosts the Canary Isles in their second game, although they fell a goal short of matching Argentina, who they meet in the last match to decide the championship. Betis midfielder Abaledo put Julen Lopetegui and Santi Denía’s side ahead early on, and a Yelko Pino free kick and an own goal by Pito Osorio completed the scoring in the second half.

Spain 1 - USA 0

Spain: Carlos Morales; Antonio Marín (Julio Pleguezuelo 75’), Xavier Quintilla (Alberto Vilariño 55’), Rodrigo Tarín, Jorge Mere; Joaquín Fernández (Madger Antonio Gomes 75’), Curro Sánchez, Ignacio Abeledo (Jurgi Oteo 46’); Roberto Núñez (Adrián Marín 55’), José Ángel Pozo (Asier Villalibre 62’), Yelko Pino.
USA: Marcinkowski; Hyndman, Redding, Rubin, Moore, Omar Castro, Akale, Gasper, Palmer-Brown, Yomba, Sebastián Saucedo.

Goals: 1-0. 87. Curro Sánchez.

Spain started off the latest edition of the Atlantic tournament with a 1-0 victory over USA. The Americans hit the post in the first half though, and keeper Carlos Morales had to make some important saves before Sevilla’s Curro Sánchez got the winner near the end.


Keepers: Carlos Morales (Atlético Madrid), Antonio Sivera (Valencia);
Antonio Marín (Almería), Julio Pleguezuelo (Arsenal), Xavier Quintilla, Rodrigo Tarin (Barcelona), Jorge Mere (Sporting Gijón), Adrian Marin (Villarreal);
Midfielders: Joaquin Fernandez (Almería), Adama Traoré (Barcelona), Ignacio Abeledo (Betis), Alberto Vilariño (Lugo), Curro Sánchez (Sevilla), Madger Antonio Gomes (Villarreal);
Forwards: Asier Villalibre (Athletic Bilbao), Roberto Nuñez (Atlético Madrid), Yelko Pino (Celta Vigo), Jose Angel Pozo (Manchester City).

PS. Jurgi Oteo (Athletic Bilbao) replaces Adama Traoré in the squad.