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International Matches - Under 17

Spain’s new under 17 side played two friendly fixtures against Belgium in Tubize in preparation for next month’s qualifying round of the latest edition of the European championships. Santi Denía’s team started on Tuesday with a high-scoring game, losing by the odd goal in nine. And on Thursday they really came good winning 1-6 with six different scorers. The youngsters have two more friendly matches, this time in Nerja, Spain against Germany, before travelling on to Slovakia for their group XI ties. (25.09.14)

Belgium 1 – Spain 6

Belgium: Van Cauwenberghe, Cannaerts (Delorge 41’), Nuyts (Verburgh 41’), Tanriver, De Smet, Thuys, Mangala (Daneels 66’), Verdyck (Verreth 41’), Ato (Azzaoui 55’), Vancamp, Lauwrensens (Van Vaerenbergh 55’).
Spain: Santomé; Amo, Trapaga, Pelayo Suárez, Cucurella (Sillero 63’); Alena (Morlanes 63’), Óscar Rodríguez (Villalba 70’), García Vaya, Rubén Fernández; Villanueva (Carles Pérez 41’), Zalazar (Navarro 53’).

Goals: 0-1. 01. Oscar Rodríguez; 0-2. 12. Cucurella; 1-2. 21. Thuys; 1-3. 33. Rubén Fernández; 1-4. 48. Amo; 1-5. 75. Navarro; 1-6. 78. Carles Pérez.

Belgium 5 – Spain 4

Belgium: Teunckens, Caignau, Delorge, Faes, Janssens, Verburgh, Azzaoui, Ademoglu, Van Vaerenbergh, Verreth (Vancamp 41’), Daneels.
Spain: Daniel Martín, Amo, Cucurella, Zalaya, Alena, Villanueva (Rubén Fernández 50’), Villalba (Óscar Rodríguez 61’), Zalazar (Navarro 41’), Carles Pérez (García Vaya 41’), Sillero, Morlanes.

Goals: 0-1. 08. Villalba; 1-1. 29’ Ademoglu; 2-1. 38. Azzaoui; 2-2. 47. Alena; 2-3. 52. Carles Pérez; 3-3. 56. Daneels; 4-3. 58. Van Vaerenbergh; 5-3. 76. Van Vaerenbergh; 5-4. 79. Cucurella.

Full squad:

Keepers: Santomé (Atlético Madrid), Daniel Martín (Sporting Gijón);
Defenders: Sillero (Athletic Bilbao), Cucurella (Barcelona), Pelayo Suárez (Sporting Gijón), Amo (Sevilla), Trápaga (Villarreal), Zalaya (Zaragoza);
Midfielders: Rubén Fernández (Atlético Madrid), Alena (Barcelona), “Pepelu” García Vaya (Levante), Óscar Rodríguez (Real Madrid), Villalba (Valencia), Morlanes (Villarreal);
Forwards: Carles Pérez (Barcelona), Zalazar (Málaga), Navarro (Valencia), Villanueva (Villarreal).