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New season fixtures and pre-season games

The new calendar is now out! We will be publishing the full list very soon, but in the meantime you can see all the first and second division fixtures at the LFP site, following this link:

PS. Atlético Madrid and Villarreal were drawn at home on the opening day against Girona and Levante respectively, but both have asked for the venues to be switched around as their stadiums will not be ready in time. (21.07.17)

It was finally decided that the draw for the new season will be postponed by 24 hours, and will take place this Friday, 21st July. (19.07.17)

The police raid on the Spanish Football Federation headquarters today, and the arrest of president Angel María Villar and several of his cronies, has thrown the cat amongst the pigeons, and it is not clear at the moment whether Thursday’s Liga fixture draw will take place. Welcome to Spain, folks! (18.07.17)

As usual there will be an intensive programme of pre-season matches, starting in July and going on until the new season begins on the weekend of 19/20 August. Details of all pre-season games can be seen at the above link. Fixtures for the new season will be set at the Spanish Football Federation general meeting on 20th July. (15.07.17)