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It is hard to work up any enthusiasm about football when our freedom and our very way of life are under threat. Spain’s government has imposed the most draconian restrictions in Europe in response to the pandemic, yet the country still has one of the highest reported Covid-19 death rates in the World, leading to the conclusion that the measures themselves are more responsible for the deaths than the disease itself.

Now it is reporting the highest number of new cases in the region, based on grossly over-amplified tests, of which almost 90% are “asymptomatic” (i.e. false positives). This is being used to justify further lockdowns and the obligatory wearing of useless and harmful masks (not to mention untested and dangerous vaccines), which will undoubtedly kill off what is left of the Spanish economy and produce more deaths through respiratory problems, untreated serious illnesses, suicides etc., all of which will, of course, be counted as Covid deaths. And so it goes on…

Many people are questioning this, but anyone who tries to go against the diktat is being brutally censored by the State and a controlled mainstream media, brave doctors and journalists who put forward sensible, alternative views are being struck-off or fired, protests are being squashed, and police are arresting and imposing harsh sanctions on anyone who dares to step out of line, accusing them of “crimes against humanity” by daring to step out onto the street unmuzzled, or even smoking a cigarette in the open air.

Meanwhile the general public are being frightened out of their wits by relentless scare messages, false and greatly distorted figures and just plain lies, and children (who are more likely to be killed by a lightning bolt than by C-19) are being completely traumatised by social distancing and other measures which make them believe that they will be responsible for killing their grandparents if they go near them. Such is the “New Normal” in Spain.

Soccer-Spain is just one of the tens of thousands of businesses in Spain which have been badly hit by all of this, but we will be keeping our site going on a minimalist basis (results, tables etc.), if only to try and shed a bit of light on what is going on, and to raise questions about things that don’t make sense. Why, for example are restrictions being extended in Spain when almost all those tested positive are either asymptomatic or just have mild flu symptoms (including many footballers, celebrities, politicians etc.), and death rates are now below rates for flu or traffic accidents, why can people go to a bullfight but not to a football match, why are newspapers safe but not menus and bank notes, and much more.

Our twitter link in particular will be retweeting stories and links to alternative sites in both English and Spanish (as long as we can) so you can find out for yourself information that you won’t see in the mainstream media. Some of you of course will not agree with us, but all we are asking is that you question what you are being told, look at alternative facts with an open mind, and decide for yourself. We all want things to return to normal, to see our kids smile, to shake hands with our friends and to go and see our favourite team in the flesh and not in instant replays, but if we don’t push back that is not going to happen for a long time to come.