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Second Division B

Play-offs, stage one

Match round up

The four regional group champions played off over two legs for two of the promotion spots. Cartagena and Cádiz were promoted, and the other two sides go in to the knock-out stage for the other two places. Results were as follows. (24.05.09)

Group champions play-off, second leg
24 May Alcoyano
Negredo, Diego Jiménez
2-2 Cartagena
Mena, Juan Pablo
24 May Real Unión
0-0 Cádiz

The remaining twelve teams who finished in the top four of the regional groups entered a knock-out stage, with the winners of the six games entering a second round together with the two losers of the above two ties. Results were as follows (teams qualifying in bold).

First round second leg
24 May Cultural Leonesa
0-1 Sabadell
Sergio Iglesias
24 May Alcorcón
Nevado, Calvillo, Susaeta, Mauri
4-2 Sant Andreu
Rueda, Eloi
24 May Jaén
Geni (3), Arriaga, Solabarrieta
5-0 Leganés
24 May Lorca
0-1 Marbella
Santi Moreno
24 May Villarreal B
Chando, Joan Tomás (Pen)
2-0 Zamora
24 May Ponferradina
Teo, Valle, Ernesto
3-1 Poli Ejido

The four sides who finished fifth from bottom in the regional groups played-off to avoid the remaining two relegation spots. Antequera and Las Palmas Atlético go down. (24.05.09)

Relegation play-off, second leg
23 May Antequera
Tete, Oscar (Pen)
2-3 Terrassa
Sierra, Víctor (2)
24 May Sporting B
Javi Poves (2 Pens), Alvarez, Jorge
4-0 Las Palmas B


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