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World Cup 2006 - La Liga players

The Spanish league has one of the highest number of players taking part in the World Cup, with the following 33 'extranjeros' selected for their national sides. This year Spain too has drawn on six players from the premier league in England, Reina, Xabi Alonso and Luis García from Liverpool, Cesc and Reyes from Arsenal and Del Horno from Chelsea.

Group No. Position Player Club Country
Group B 7 MF Beckham Real Madrid England
3 DF Toledo Zaragoza Paraguay
10 MF Toro Acuña Deportivo Paraguay
11 FW Larsson Barcelona Sweden
Group C 2 DF Ayala Valencia Argentina
3 DF Sorín Villarreal Argentina
4 MF Coloccini Deportivo Argentina
7 FW Saviola Sevilla Argentina
10 MF Riquelme Villarreal Argentina
12 GK Leo Franco Atlético Argentina
13 MF Scaloni Deportivo Argentina
15 DF Gabi Milito Zaragoza Argentina
16 MF Aimar Valencia Argentina
18 MF Maxi Atlético Argentina
19 FW Messi Barcelona Argentina
5 DF Van Bronckhorst Barcelona Holland
18 MF Van Bommel Barcelona Holland
3 DF Dragutinovic Sevilla Serbia
8 FW Kezman Atlético Serbia
9 FW Milosevic Osasuna Serbia
Group D 4 DF Márquez Barcelona Mexico
10 FW Guille Franco Villarreal Mexico
10 MF Hugo Viana Valencia Portugal
13 DF Miguel Valencia Portugal
20 MF Deco Barcelona Portugal
Group F 15 FW Aloisi Alavés Australia
6 DF Roberto Carlos Real Madrid Brazil
9 FW Ronaldo Real Madrid Brazil
10 MF Ronaldinho Barcelona Brazil
13 DF Cicinho Real Madrid Brazil
18 MF Edmilson Barcelona Brazil
23 FW Robinho Real Madrid Brazil
Group G 10 MF Zidane Real Madrid France