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International Matches - Under 19

Under 19 friendly tournament

Spain ended up in second place in the SBS International Cup, held in the Shizuoka region of Japan in mid-August. Julen Lopetgui was in charge for the first time after taking over from Luis Milla, and he saw his team fall to a 2-0 defeat against Japan in the first game. However they beat a Shizuoka regional XI 0-2 with goals from Real Madrid's Alex and Morata, and ended with a 4-0 victory against Ghana, Morata opening the scoring before Sarabia (2) and Lacruz added three more. (24.08.10)

Japan 2 - Spain 0

Spain: Edgar; Jordi Amat (Carvajal 41'), Muniesa, Blázquez, Aurtenetxe (Saborit 41'); Alex (Edu Ramos 41'), Sergi Roberto (Pardo 54'), Albert Dalmau (Lacruz 41'), Sarabia; Isco, Morata (Sobrino 41'). 4-4-2.

Goals: 1-0. 23. Nagai; 2-0. 29. Nagai.

Shizuoka Regional XI 0 - Spain 2

Spain: Yeray; Carvajal (Muniesa 41'), Jordi Amat, Saborit (Sarabia 41'), Aurtenetxe; Edu Ramos, Alex, Pardo (Sergi Roberto 55'), Albert Dalmau (Blázquez 63'); Lacruz (Isco 41`), Sobrino (Morata 41'). 4-4-2.

Goals: 0-1. 26. Alex; 0-2. 44. Morata.

Spain 4 - Ghana 0

Spain: Yeray (Edgar 41'); Jordi Amat, Muniesa, Blázquez, Aurtenetxe (Saborit 41'); Edu Ramos (Pardo 47'), Alex (Lacruz 69'), Albert Dalmau (Sergi Roberto 41'), Sarabia; Isco (Sobrino 57'), Morata (Carvajal 73'). 4-4-2.

Goals: 1-0. 14. Morata; 2-0. 68. Sarabia; 3-0. 75. Sarabia; 4-0. Lacruz 82.

Revised squad:

Keepers: Edgar (Espanyol), Yeray (Mallorca);
Defenders: Aurtenetxe and Saborit (Athletic Bilbao), Muniesa (Barcelona), Blázquez and Jordi Amat (Espanyol), Carvajal (Real Madrid);
Midfielders: Dalmau and Sergio Roberto (Barcelona), Edu Ramos (Málaga), Alex and Sarabia (Real Madrid), Pardo (Real Sociedad);
Forwards: Morata and Sobrino (Real Madrid), Isco (Valencia), Lacruz (Zaragoza).