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Fantasy Football

We now have the maximum 15 participants, but have set up a second free league for anyone else who wants to join. The new league is called LoveLaLiga, and is sponsored by Mahou, who are offering prizes and other benefits to the best teams. If you want to join just follow the link , download the App and select “join a private league”, entering the code "6ttfplt0". You can also join through Facebook. Of course there will be no problem if participants in the Soccer-Spain league want to join this one as well. That way you get two chances to win! More details below. (24.08.16)

Just one or two spaces left in our private league, and thanks to all of you who joined. Unfortunately it started with serious teething problems (why are we not surprised?!?), and at times it has been impossible to connect, especially via Internet (hand-held devices work a bit better, but still many problems). The organizers blame the unexpected high number of people who joined from all over the World, but hopefully now the activity will drop off as participants have basically set up their squads. Don’t give up just yet! (23.08.16)

LaLiga and the sports paper Marca have combined to set up a Spanish Fantasy Football game. This looks like good fun, so Soccer-Spain have set up a private league for our readers to participate in. Basically you are allocated a squad of 14 players at random, and you play against the teams in your league. Each day several players are put on the market, and you can bid against the other teams to buy them. You can also buy and sell players between the teams, with a starting pot of €100 million. On each match-weekend you select the line-up you want, and your players score points as in other Fantasy Football games. If you want to join just follow the link and select “join a league with friends”, entering the code “dydoxspu”. You can also join the public or sponsored leagues if you like. Don’t worry, it’s free, and you can select English as your language of choice. Hurry up though, the competition starts on Friday night when the first league match begins. Basically each private league comprises of 15 teams, but if we see there is more interest we will set up other leagues. Good luck! (17.08.16)