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LaLiga and the sports paper Marca are running their Spanish Fantasy Football game once again, and we have set up a Soccer Spain private league as we did last year for our readers to compete. If you played last season you can use the same account, but if you are new to the game you have to download the app from

It appears though that the procedures have changed, and instead of entering a code to sign up to a private league, you now have to be invited to join. The following link should in any case work from your smartphone or tablet (seems you can no longer access from web): , but if not please send us an e-mail to asking for an invitation, and we will send you this directly.

How it works: Basically you are allocated a squad of 14 players at random, and you play against the teams in your league. Each day several players are put on the market, and you can bid against the other teams to buy them. You can also buy and sell players between the teams, with a starting pot of €100 million. On each match-weekend you select the line-up you want, and your players score points as in other Fantasy Football games. As well as our private league, you can also join the public or sponsored leagues. Don’t worry, it’s free, and you can select English as your language of choice. Hurry up though, the competition starts on Friday night when the first league match begins. Basically each private league comprises of 15 teams, but if we see there is more interest we will set up other leagues. Good luck! (14.08.17)