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First Division - Day 5

Hércules 2 - Sevilla 0

Hércules: Calatayud; David Cortés, Abraham Paz, Pamarot, Peña; Fritzler, Abel Aguilar; Kiko Femenia (Rufete 84'), Tiago Gomes, Drenthe (Sendoa 76'); Trézéguet (Portillo 73'). 4-2-3-1.
Sevilla: Palop; Dabo, Alexis, Escudé, Fernando Navarro; Zokora, Romaric (Guarente 75'); Alfaro (Perotti 55'), Acosta (Negredo 55'), Diego Capel; Luis Fabiano. 4-2-3-1.

1-0. 21. Trézéguet (penalty). After Zokora pushed over Tiago Gomes inside area.
2-0. 38. Trézéguet. Deflected Kiko Femenia shot past Palop from close to goal.

Yellow cards: Trézéguet 27', Dabo 63', Aguilar 86'.

Sevilla drop out of the European spots after they were beaten 2-0 by Hércules on Sunday evening, a defeat which cost the job of Sevilla's manager Antonio Alvarez. Acosta tested Calatayud a couple of times early on, but Trézéguet put the home side ahead from the penalty spot after Zokora ran in to the back of Tiago Gomes in the twentieth minute. And a few minutes before the half time whistle the French striker scored his second of the evening, turning the ball in to the net off his knee after Kiko Femenia played back a long cross from Drenthe. Alvarez made two changes at the break and things improved, Luis Fabiano bringing a good save out of Calatayud from a free kick and Romaric firing a long shot against the post. But after that they ran out of ideas, and Trézéguet almost completed his hat-trick when he shot wide later on. Sevilla moved quickly to replace Alvarez after the match, Mallorca's ex coach Gregorio Manzano already named as his successor.