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First Division - Day 5

Racing Santander 0 - Getafe 1

Racing: Toño; Francis, Henrique, Torrejón, Christian; Kennedy Bakircioglu (Munitis 69'), Tziolis, Colsa (Lacen 74'), Adrián González (Arana 59'); Rosenberg, Ariel Nahuelpán. 4-4-2.
Getafe: Codina; Miguel Torres, Cata Díaz, Marcano, Mané; Boateng, Víctor Sánchez; Pedro Ríos, Dani Parejo (Borja 88'), Manu del Moral (Mosquera 81'); Miku (Colunga 86'). 4-2-3-1.

0-1. 16. Víctor Sánchez. Shot from Manu's cross which deflected in off Torrejón.

Yellow cards: Francis 41', Miku 43', Kennedy 52', Rosenberg 60', 89', Colsa 61', Torres 78', Lacen 86', Marcano 92' / red cards: Rosenberg 89'.

Getafe beat Racing Santander 0-1 to return to winning ways after their defeat midweek against Málaga. The match was billed as father against son, Adrián González leaving Michel's squad in the summer to join the Cantabrians, and it was the father who came out on top thanks to a strike by Víctor Sánchez early in the first half. It took some first class goalkeeping from Codina though to keep his side ahead, in particular from a couple of efforts by Rosenberg before the break. Pedro Ríos and Mané fired shots over the bar for the visitors either side of half time, and Ariel put Codina to the test a couple of times after the restart. But when Rosenberg picked up a second booking for a tackle from behind on Miguel Torres the game was up, and Getafe move three points clear of their opponents in the table.