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Second Division B

Play-offs, stage one

Match round up

The four regional group champions play off over two legs for two of the promotion spots. First leg matches are as follows:

Group champions play-off, first leg
17 May Cartagena
Héctor Yuste, Samuel
2-1 Alcoyano
Fernando Martín
17 May Cádiz
1-0 Real Unión

The remaining twelve teams who finished in the top four of the regional groups enter a knock-out stage, with the winners of the six games entering a second round together with the two losers of the above two ties.

First round first leg
16 May Sabadell
1-1 Cultural Leonesa
Iván Mateo
17 May Sant Andreu
0-0 Alcorcón
17 May Leganés
Javi Vicente, Mario
2-2 Jaén
Arriaga, Esparza
17 May Marbella
0-2 Lorca
Jairo, Elías
17 May Zamora
0-2 Villarreal B
Matilla, Barodia (OG)
17 May Poli Ejido
0-0 Ponferradina

The four sides who finished fifth from bottom in the regional groups have to play-off to avoid the remaining two relegation spots.

Relegation play-off, first leg
Raúl Pérez, Curto
2-0 Antequera
Las Palmas B
0-0 Sporting B


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