Second Division

Play-offs, semi-finals

Once again the third promotion spot will be decided by a play-off phase between the teams finishing in the third to sixth positions. Zaragoza, Sporting Gijón, Valladolid and Numancia made it through and will meet over two-leg semi-finals, with the winners also playing off over two legs the following week. (04.06.18)

Semi-finals, first leg
6 Jun Numancia
1-1 Zaragoza
7 Jun Valladolid
Calero, Hervías, Jordi (OG)
3-1 Sporting Gijón

Second leg results were as follows (teams qualifying for final in bold):

Semi-finals, second leg
9 Jun Zaragoza
Mikel González
1-2 Numancia
Iñigo Pérez, Diamanka
10 Jun Sporting Gijón
Carmona (Pen)
1-2 Valladolid
Mata, Oscar Plano