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Controversy already involving the big two in only the second round of games of the season. Should Mateu Lahoz have shown Busquets a red card on Saturday when he pushed Agirretxe's shot on to the bar with his hand? And should he have awarded a penalty to Real Sociedad rather than allowing Griezmann's goal on the follow up to stand? Our opinion is that the goal was OK and Busquets should have been off, but we of course have slow motion replays and 27 camera angles to decide. Later in the evening Real Madrid got the edge on Getafe thanks to a penalty by Cata Díaz on Ronaldo which even Mourinho agreed was outside of the area, although he did go on to criticize referee Clos Gómez for other things, and then added that his players didn't dive, unlike other teams.... Welcome back to La Liga! (14.09.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Fernández Borbolán 2 13 3 16
Teixeira Vitienes, F. 2 11 1 12
Alvarez Izquierdo 1 9 0 9
Iglesias Villanueva 1 8 0 8
Paradas Romero 1 5 2 7
Clos Gómez 1 6 1 7
Estrada Fernández 1 6 1 7
Undiano Mallenco 1 6 1 7
Del Cerro Grande 1 6 0 6
Turienzo Alvarez 1 6 0 6