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A tooth for a tooth and an eye for a yellow card and a penalty it seems in Spain after Delgado Ferreiro awarded a spot kick to Málaga in their game against Espanyol! A fierce shot from Duda hit Romaric full in the face, but Delgado's linesman immediately pointed to the spot indicating hand ball, and the referee agreed. When the protests from the indignant Espanyol players died down Apoño slotted home the kick, giving the locals a win which took them above their opponents in the table. Romaric himself was immediately substituted so he could have a very swollen eye attended to, but even so the referee stuck to his decision. To be fair to the referee the television pictures were not clear, and the player himself admits that he put his hand up to his face to try and protect himself from being hit (without too much success it seems!). But even if the ball did hit his hand first it was a split second reaction in self-defence, and it seems to be a harsh ruling to consider that it was deliberate. Whatever the case though the goal stands, and the Catalans were deprived of their Europa League spot. (01.11.11)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Turienzo Alvarez 6 49 2 51
Paradas Romero 5 36 5 41
Fernández Borbolán 6 38 3 41
Iglesias Villanueva 6 35 3 38
Muñiz Fernández 5 31 6 37
Undiano Mallenco 5 35 1 36
Teixeira Vitienes, J.A. 5 33 1 34
Estrada Fernández 6 31 2 33
Alvarez Izquierdo 4 31 1 32
Iturralde González 4 27 4 31