Gil Manzano took centre stage this weekend, the young referee handed the hot-potato of the first “clásico” of the season between Real Madrid and Barcelona. As always it was interesting to read the much-differing reviews of his actions between the Madrid and Barcelona sporting press, the former saying that he put in a good performance except for maybe a couple more penalty decisions, mainly in favour of Madrid, and the latter accusing him of being a closet-“Madridista”, daring to give yellow cards to Messi and Iniesta, not booking anyone from the home side until late on, turning down penalty appeals by Barça then giving a “questionable” one to Madrid, etc., etc. Welcome to Spain! Truth is though he did well in what is always a hostile environment, even though he may have a given a penalty or two either way?

Elsewhere though probably the worst decision of the weekend was by Del Cerro Grande in Saturday’s relegation battle between Córdoba and Real Sociedad, the referee allowing a late equalizer by Xisco to stand, even though he clearly deflected the ball in to the net with his hand. Even the local striker himself admitted afterwards it was “partly with the chest, partly with the arm, these things happen in football!”. More bad luck though for visiting coach Jagoba Arrasate (who always appears to be about to burst in to tears!), and this time it could cost him his job. (28.10.14)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Mateu Lahoz 5 40 4 44
Estrada Fernández 5 36 3 39
Alvarez Izquierdo 5 35 1 36
Velasco Carballo 5 32 2 34
Del Cerro Grande 5 30 2 32
Teixeira Vitienes, F. 5 28 2 30
Melero López 5 29 1 30
Hernández Hernández 5 28 1 29
Iglesias Villanueva 4 28 0 28
Fernández Borbolán 5 25 2 27