Two or three controversial decisions in the midweek round of fixtures, including a couple of red cards which maybe shouldn’t have been given. Martínez Munuera for example sent off Real Sociedad’s Mikel González for a foul on Aduríz in Tuesday night’s Basque derby, the referee waving away appeals for a previous foul on visiting keeper Rulli. And on Thursday Bikandi Garrido sent Rayo Vallecano’s Morcillo for an early bath after he brought down Valencia’s André Gomes, ignoring the fact that Negredo was offside in the previous play. Both matches ended 1-1, although the results may have been different if the decisions had gone the other way. Elsewhere González González allowed a Fernando Torres goal to stand against Villarreal, even though the striker elbowed away Tomás Pina before starting his sprint to beat Asenjo. That was the only goal of the game, and it helped Atlético consolidate their third spot in the table. (01.05.15)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Velasco Carballo 21 160 10 170
Jaime Latre 21 155 7 162
Alvarez Izquierdo 21 147 11 158
Gil Manzano 22 146 10 156
Mateu Lahoz 21 137 12 149
González González 22 133 5 138
Teixeira Vitienes, F. 18 121 13 134
Estrada Fernández 20 121 6 127
Iglesias Villanueva 19 119 7 126
Fernández Borbolán 21 112 7 119