Clos Gómez was the man chosen to arbitrate the derby game between Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid this weekend, and he largely stayed out of the spotlight as Simeone’s side won for the third time in a row in the Bernabeu stadium. He should probably though have awarded a penalty to Danilo after he was brought down by Gabi in the area with the scoreline already at 0-1, but he didn’t, and the rest is history. Elsewhere Málaga were unhappy that Undiano Mallenco allowed a late equalizer by Real Sociedad’s Agirretxe to stand, even though the striker appeared to be well offside. Undiano is one of the most experienced referees though, and it was unclear whether the final headed pass came from Xabi Prieto or a defender, which would have played him onside. Málaga were also fortunate that Ricca got away with it when he handled the ball in the area a few minutes earlier. (02.03.16)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Iglesias Villanueva 17 117 10 127
Clos Gómez 18 119 7 126
Del Cerro Grande 18 119 5 124
Velasco Carballo 17 107 8 115
Sánchez Martínez 15 105 7 112
Gil Manzano 16 103 3 106
González González 18 100 6 106
Martínez Munuera 16 90 9 99
Alvarez Izquierdo 15 87 10 97
Estrada Fernáandez 17 90 6 96