Our men in black were just about perfect this weekend, no red cards shown at all, and virtually no complaints about their performances, except for the usual should it – shouldn’t it be a penalty? That was not the case however in the Champions League ties, with complaints in particular from the two Madrid sides. Atlético for example were upset with Germany’s Felix Brych, who showed eleven yellow cards including two for Fernando Torres, consequently sent off before the break in the match against Barcelona. Atleti protested that the incidents didn’t merit the striker to be sent off, and that the referee didn’t apply the same criteria to Busquets and in particular Luis Suárez, who were both lucky to stay on the park to the end. The following day it was Real Madrid’s turn to moan about Italian referee Gianluca Rocchi, who disallowed an early goal from Cristiano Ronaldo for a more than dubious offside, and then turned down a good penalty appeal by Bale before awarding one to hosts Wolfsburg for a less obvious foul. Maybe our guys aren’t that bad after all?!? (12.04.16)

Name Games played Yellow cards Red cards Total
Iglesias Villanueva 20 138 12 150
Clos Gómez 21 136 8 144
Del Cerro Grande 21 135 6 141
Velasco Carballo 20 128 10 138
Sánchez Martínez 18 127 8 135
González González 21 126 8 134
Fernández Borbolán 19 113 9 122
Gil Manzano 19 119 3 122
Estrada Fernández 20 111 8 119
Martínez Munuera 19 107 10 117