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The big news this weekend on the goal keeping front was the four goals let in by five time Zamora Víctor Valdés at Deportivo, and although his team still won (you should see the other guy!), he drops six goals behind our leader Willy Caballero. Is this the end of an era? As well as Caballero, Valdés's two closest rivals are Casillas and Courtois, and both recorded clean sheets this weekend, together with Adrián (Betis), Andrés (Osasuna) and Munúa (Levante). Otherwise though it was high scoring weekend with 34 goals in all, including the nine in Riazor. Valladolid were the only team to change their keeper this weekend, Dani Hernández given a chance by Djukic after a couple of shaky performances by Jaime, and Sergio Alvarez kept his place in the Celta goal for a second week as Javi Varas (who had recovered from his hand injury) was suffering from a stomach bug. (23.10.12)

Zamoras Games played Goals against Difference
Caballero (Málaga) 8 5 -3
Casillas (Real Madrid) 8 7 -1
Courtois (Atlético) 7 6 -1
Jaime (Valladolid) 7 7 0
Aouate (Mallorca) 8 9 +1
Palop (Sevilla) 7 8 +1
Roberto (Zaragoza) 8 10 +2
Javi Varas (Celta) 6 8 +2
Valdés (Barcelona) 8 11 +3
Moyà (Getafe) 8 11 +3
Andrés (Osasuna) 8 11 +3
Diego Alves (Valencia) 5 8 +3
Toño (Granada) 8 12 +4
Bravo (Real Sociedad) 5 9 +4
Munúa (Levante) 8 13 +5