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Our two top "porteros" Courtois and Caballero came face to face on Sunday, and could the result have been anything else but a 0-0 draw? That was only one of three scoreless draws though as the weekend got off to a slow start, with the matches between Aranzubia's Deportivo and Rubén's Rayo Vallecano, and between Kiko Casilla's Espanyol and Dani Hernández's Valladolid also finishing without troubling the scoreboard. Clean sheets too for Getafe's Moyà and Athletic's Iraizoz, who was back in favour with Bielsa, and things didn't really take off until the last two games, with Javi Varas in particular having an unfortunate return to his old side Sevilla, where he let in four. Elsewhere Valverde switched back to Guaita to keep goal for Valencia, and B team keeper Alcolea made his first start for Zaragoza, with Roberto still suffering from back problems and Leo Franco suspended. We can't end this section though without mentioning the latest "clásico" in the Bernabeu stadium, Barça keeper Víctor Valdés losing his cool after the final whistle and gravely insulting the referee. That will cost him a lengthy ban, and already eight goals adrift of Courtois, he will surely not be holding on to the "Zamora" title which he has won a record five times. (05.03.13)

Zamoras Games played Goals against Difference
Courtois (Atlético) 25 21 -4
Caballero (Málaga) 26 24 -2
Casillas (Real Madrid) 19 17 -2
Andrés (Osasuna) 26 28 +2
Valdés (Barcelona) 26 30 +4
Bravo (Real Sociedad) 20 27 +7
Dani Hernández (Valladolid) 19 26 +7
Adrián (Betis) 21 29 +8
Javi Varas (Celta) 24 34 +10
Roberto (Zaragoza) 24 34 +10
Toño (Granada) 20 30 +10
Rubén (Rayo Vallecano) 18 29 +11
Moyà (Getafe) 24 37 +13
Munúa (Levante) 24 37 +13
Diego Alves (Valencia) 20 33 +13