Spanish Super Cup

A new-look Spanish Super Cup this year, with the league and cup runners-up involved as well as the winners of those competitions, and games to be played in January instead of August. League champions Barcelona and runners-up Atlético Madrid, and cup winners Valencia qualified, and as Barcelona were also runners-up in the cup, the League’s third placed club Real Madrid were also invited. Matches will take place in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, with semi-finals on 8th and 9th January, and the final on the 12th. (11.11.19)

Real Madrid are this year's winners after defeating Atlético Madrid on penalties in the final. (12.01.20)

Match reports

8 Jan Valencia
Parejo (p) 92
1-3 Real Madrid
Kroos 15, Isco 39, Modric 65
9 Jan Barcelona
Messi 51, Griezmann 62
2-3 Atlético Madrid
Koke 46, Morata (p) 81,
Correa 86
12 Jan Real Madrid
(4-1 pso)
Atlético Madrid

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